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Review of the Linden Method Trichotillomania Treatment System

"More than 132,533  Ex-Sufferers Had Already Been Treated and Gotten Rid of OCD Related Conditions Permanently (including Trichotillomania, Anxiety, Phobias) Using Medically and Psychologist Endorsed Method"

The Linden Method

How long have you had the embarrassing and extremely painful hair pulling compulsion? You probably have tried to stop with will power...maybe even therapy...but if you're like most people, you have not had much success with these traditional methods.

Most of the websites I see out there are filled with symptoms of hair pulling, but no one really tells you an effective and proven way of how to stop without spending hundreds on therapy...They tell you symptoms like...

1. Obsessive hair pulling that results in serious hair loss...

2. A sharp increase in tension right before you beging pulling your hair out.

3. An immediate sense of pleasure when pulling hair out.

4. Extreme distress in your social life, job, and every area of your life is affected by this condition.

After much hard searching, trying out and reviewing of the different products out there in the market, I've finally narrowed down to this particular product which I will really recommend to people who are stricken with trichotillomania.

This system is said to be able to even work on the most serious trichotillomania symptoms. Best of all, it can be performed your comfort of your home.

Yes, most people might think that it's another therapy that require some work. Well, honestly I should say you do require some effort from yourself. But this technique is supposedly "revolutionary" and can treat your hair pulling disorder in as little as 9 minutes.

Yeah...Initially, I feel that this will be another total B.S. product out there in the market. But as I need to review it for the benefit of others, I went ahead and bought the course. I just thought to myself that i will definitely get a refund after going through the crap material.

After only reading through the first part of the course, I was already astounded by the information that it has. So I kept on going through all the material, I thought to myself that this information is really underground knowledge that therapists won't even tell you about. They can have you cured in a matter of minutes and have you living a normal life after that. But all of these were untold to many.

I really felt that this information have to be shared with you that's why I wrote down this review for many others out there who are searching for the right therapy to stop hair pulling causes and symptoms.

As to why I felt you should also get hold of this The Linden Method is because I found that it is really valuable and useful if you want to stop pulling hair now. I've also contacted the creator of the product and also some of the people who had gotten this system and they really have great comments on it.

I've only listed some of them down here. As for the rest, you can take a look here.

5 out of 5 stars Excellent again!, 11 Nov 2007

Reviewer: Alex Wooton

Like your Stress Free in 30 Days Programme, The Linden Method is a work of genius. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to find products truly written by someone who has been there, got the T shirt and then decides to impart all of that widom and experience with such wit, eloquence and respect to those of us who are desperate. Thank you so much Mr Linden.


"I had suferred generalized anxiety for more than two years and I can tell that Charles' Linden Method helped me when I thought nothing could help me. I took medications like Valium, Zoloft, Lexotan, Xanax which had no effect over my anxiety, except making me feel very dizzy every day. Now it has been one year since I gave up the medication and I feel OK again."

Daniela's Portrait

Daniela S.



Dr Allan Norris MA, MSc, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS

The Birmingham Post, June 29th, 2004

Dr. Allan Norris

"The [Linden] Method appears to be a sensible approach to dealing with anxiety. It is not unusual for panic and anxiety sufferers to come up with their own way of dealing with it. Anxiety is really an exaggeration of normal behaviour and feelings. This approach is good advice for anybody to help them control panic and anxiety."

Dr Norris is a consultant clinical psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society, who works at Birmingham's Nuffield Hospital.


So what are you still waiting for?

The Linden Method

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The simple fact is – The Linden Method works. As long as you follow the instructions. The 3% of people who do not succeed with this treatment “Just don't do it right”, says Charles Linden, the creator of the method. Charles is now recognised world wide for his work curing OCD related conditions, and has been featured in many publications and television programs, including his own series – Stress less.

So are there any down sides to this trichotillomania treatment? Well, like I said, you do need to follow the instructions EXACTLY. And you do need a bit of dedication. But for something that's guaranteed to work, why not? But not only is the method guaranteed, for most people it works in under 30 days.

I should mention here that The Linden Method Website barely mentions trichotillomania, but it DOES work for compulsive hair pullers just as well as it works for any other compulsive condition, phobia or anxiety. So please don't be put off by the fact that there's only a small mention of this condition, and remember the treatment has a 100% money back guarantee if your still not sure.

(If you cant find trichotillomania mentioned, its near the bottom of the website in the list of conditions that The Linden Method is used for)

Click Here to Discover More About How You Can Be Treated By This Linden Method Now!

The Linden Method

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