Are You Pulling Own Hair? Easy Tips to Stop it Effectively

If you are stressed and you constantly have an urge of pulling own hair out, then there is every possibility that you might be suffering from the hair pulling disorder known as "trichotillomania". The individuals have such a strong urge of pulling hair that they simply cannot control it resulting in several balding patches over their scalp due to excessive hair pulling.  Trichotillomania sufferers might direly need wigs, artificial eyelashes and other cosmetics to hide those areas where it is evident that they might have plucked their hair out.

Trichotillomania is just like an addiction to certain substance. The individuals suffering from trichotillomania cannot control or monitor their urge of pulling own hair or pulling other's hair depending upon the severity of the condition. Patients suffering from this hair pulling disorder generally live a normal life. However, one can observe baldness over the scalp or any other body part where hair growth is generally seen or thinning hair in such people. Several patients are unable to curb the urge and are ashamed about it leading to low self esteem levels and difficulty in socializing with people.

Almost 50% of trichotillomania patients somehow involve their mouth and hair together. You can observe trichotillomania sufferers moving the tips of their hair over their lips or they chew on the tips to their hair. Some severe cases lead to "trichophagia" wherein the patient ingests a whole chunk of hair leading to abdominal pain, bowel obstruction, nausea, vomiting, gastro-intestinal bleeding and so on so forth. Once the patient is done with pulling own hair right after that he/she is overwhelmed to pull out another hair.

Patients suffering from this hair pulling disorder are hit by a huge wave of stress, anxiety, or boredom which triggers the urge to pull their own hair. Once the individual gives in to the urge of pulling own hair he/she feels relieved and relaxed. Though it is not a masochistic condition, trichotillomania can be categorized under self mutilation due to the following appalling consequences:

•    Damage to the skin.

•    Permanent hair loss due to damaged hair follicles.

•    Formation of trichobezoar (when hair is ingested).

Though enormous amount of research work has been carried out in order to find perfect treatment for this hair pulling disorder, doctors believe that conjunction of effective medications and psychological therapies works the best. Several psychological therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, habit reversal training therapy, hypnosis and so on so forth are used to help patients control and monitor the urge of pulling own hair. Certain medications like Fluoxetin, Sertraline, Fluvoxamine, Clomipramine, tricyclic antidepressants and so on so forth can be used to relieve the symptoms of this hair pulling disorder. However the most easiest way to stop patients from pulling own hair is relaxation therapy wherein they relieve their stress by squeezing the stress ball, drawing, reading, writing or engaging in any other activities that keeps them occupied rather than feeling bored.

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