Children Pulling Hair? Ask The Experts

Few topics are as common in society as stress – and, of course, how it shows. Symptoms of everyday stress often show in one's body language. It is by no means only common in the workplace. Maybe – just maybe – you have seen children pulling hair as they go about growing up in this often heartless and frequently dangerous world. You might want to provide them advice to stop pulling out hair, such as that offered by this article.

Children pulling hair may quickly take note of those who would show evidence that hair-pulling is officially recognised as a disorder by the international medical community. To be more specific: it is an anxiety disorder covered by developmental and behavioural paediatrics – the international medical community remarks that pulling hair persistently and to excess can lead to hair loss. And although this may sound incredibly silly to some, there is actually such a word as trichotillomania (link to dermatology in medical science); the word has its origins in Greek, and it means “hair pulling madness”. And even though it is by no means as dangerous as anything liable to result in a broken bone or spine, or a ruptured vein or artery etc. it is still categorised as a “physically damaging behaviour”. It makes sense to try to stop pulling out hair.

Given all this, watching children pulling hair is not a pretty sight, is it? But when is it appropriate to seek professional advice to see a child stop pulling out hair? Dr. Trisha Macnair points out that just because your son or daughter may be pulling his or her hair, this does not mean that there is a mental illness requiring urgent examination. And research shows that while trichotillomania sufferers have an otherwise healthy psyche, it is common for it to be linked to depression and anxiety and similar problems. The same woman says that it is rather common – it affects no less than 2% of the population. Usually it starts around puberty or early adulthood. And it is not just head hair that is pulled out, a victim may pull out body hair as well. There may be a hereditary factor in trichotillomania, but some also list environmental pollution, streptococcal infections, or a lack of sufficient brain and body chemicals and nutrients, as being to blame.

If you're dealing with children pulling hair, the first thing to do is to assure him or her that help to stop pulling out hair is available from a GP.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is one suggestion for children pulling hair.

Or try drug treatments to see your child stop pulling out hair.

Hypnosis is another option.

As is diet and biofeedback.

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