Cure Trichotillomania in Five Simple Steps

The first and the foremost way to cure trichotillomania is to know almost everything about it. Hair pulling disorder is basically a mental disorder or variance that leads to several horrid consequences like pathological nail biting, gambling, picking ones own skin, setting up fires, stealing and aggressive behavior and pulling own hair. However, several people have different takes on pulling hair disorder. Some experts believe that it is an anxiety disorder, a tic or addiction whereas others believe that it is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  It is interesting to know that the term disorder was given to trichotillomania only 20 years ago.

The foremost danger for these patients is the addiction of pulling own hair in such an extent that it becomes chronic leading to bald spots. Scientists claim that in almost 10% cases, the patients indulge in pulling own hair and eating it. This pathological disorder is called Trichophagia and it eventually causes bezoar or hairball after the ingestion. Individuals suffering from it make use of several pullers like their own fingers, pins, tweezers and much more for pulling own hair. Hence, to cure hair pulling disorder, heavy medical intervention is necessary to avoid several appalling consequences. Several people believe that pulling own hair is done consciously by the patients. However, doctors believe that most of these urges are fulfilled unconsciously.

The onset of the symptoms is between the range of ages from nine to fourteen. Reports claim that more than 75-95% patients suffering from hair pulling disorder are females.  The primary symptoms might lead to several other secondary symptoms like depression or panic attacks. The main root cause of pulling hair disorder is still unclear. However, many people believe that it is a genetic disorder. There are several other people who believe that trichotillomania is a learned behavior thereby refuting its genetic basis.

Many doctors suggest that one can cure in two important ways. The first way of treatment involves the use of drugs or medications whereas the second treatment to stop hair pulling disorder involves the use of psychological intervention.

Medication based therapy: This involves the use of several medications and drugs to cure trichotillomania owing to the fact that its root cause is the chemical imbalance created in the brain.

Psychology based therapy: This involves the use of several behavioral or psychological therapies and training protocols to cure trichotillomania owing to the fact that its root cause is the learned behavior itself.

There are five simple ways to cure trichotillomania. They are as such:

1.    Determination of the root cause: This involves a quick study for the care takers. They should observe the components that trigger the trichotillomania symptoms like pulling own hair and eating it. The triggers can be stress, boredom, unhealthy diet, trauma encountered in childhood and many more. Once these triggers are controlled you can cure trichotillomania.

2.    Adaptation to stress and its triggers: Many doctors believe that the simplest way to cure trichotillomania is to carefully handle your stress within your tolerance limits.

3.    Medications like Prozac, Luvox, Anafranil and so on so forth can cure trichotillomania.

4.    Behavioral therapy: This involves meditations and substitution behavior therapy. There therapies reduce the stress levels and urges significantly and thereby helps you to cure trichotillomania.

5.    Acceptance: The acceptance of the disorder would miraculously lower your stress and thereby helps you to cure trichotillomania.

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