Hair Pulling Disorder – Conquering the Disease With 4 Effective Ways

A hair pulling disorder in which patients who suffer from it consistently pull out chunks of their own hair. Generally, the disorder is in direct relationship to outside circumstances which cause nervous or depressive habits. It is most recognized as trichotillomania and is characterized by the act of physically pulling out eyelashes, eyebrow hair, scalp hair, and other body hair.

A hair pulling disorder can be difficult to identify in most people. Generally, there are very few outward signs of the condition. This difficulty in diagnosing is increased by the fact that the vast majority of people in the world are unaware that this condition even exists. Despite the fact that the most recent studies indicate as much as two to four percent of the population suffers from this disorder, there is little to no coverage on it.

The signs that someone may suffer from it include bald spots on their scalp, or missing eyelashes or eyebrows. People who suffer from a hair pulling disorder such as trichotillomania have very few options available for treatment. There is, however, one form of treatment which has been proven to be effective for those who are willing to take the necessary steps to treat the disorder.

The most appropriate course of action for someone suffering from a hair pulling disorder is to consult their primary care physician in order to find out more information regarding the disorder and receive recommendation on a specialist who can assist them in treating it.

Many people wonder about a possible hair pulling treatment. As a general rule:

  • Drugs have not been found to be effective in dealing with it.
  • Prozac has been proscribed in certain circumstances with the belief that the disorder is brought on by a certain degree of depression. Despite these beliefs, most studies have found that Prozac can actually increase the occurrence of hair pulling out in people suffering from this disorder.
  • A more recent study of a drug known as Clomipramine has shown a significantly greater degree of success than Prozac or other antidepressants. Some psychologists believe this may be used as an effective treatment of hair pulling disorders in the future.
  • Currently, the most established treatment for a hair pulling disorder and has shown to be successful when helping patients to stop pulling out hair, is known as habit reversal training which helps patients to recognize the situations which cause the condition and cope with them in a non-destructive manor. Patients who effectively complete this training will generally stop pulling out hair.

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