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For those who experience an OCD hair pulling condition known as trichotillomania there can be a lot of embarrassment. Some of you may want to find a hair pulling treatment but be afraid to discuss the condition with anyone. This disease can be difficult to discuss due to the overall embarrassment over the situation.  There are treatments available if you are willing to discuss the problem with your personal doctor or a psychologist. In fact there are a couple of different treatments which have proven to be successful.

If you do get up the courage to ask about a hair pulling treatment:

-    You will find the most commonly used treatment is known as habit reversal therapy. This treatment aims to first determine the circumstances which cause the patient to engage in this self destructive activity and then find solutions other than pulling hair out to deal with them. This hair pulling therapy involves some work on the part of the patient in order to consciously use new methods in situations where their first reaction would be to pull hair out. When a patient effectively follows the training they can effectively break their hair pulling habit.

-    At times antidepressants such as Tricylic antidepressants (TCAs) can be used in conjunction with this therapy in order to enhance the overall effect. Use of such antidepressants has however yielded varying results.

-    The next most commonly used treatment is known as hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy aims to solve the hair pulling habit by essentially treating the condition at a subconscious level. The aim is to offer more effective and less self destructive methods of dealing with situations which may cause a high degree of anxiety than the current pulling hair habit.  This method is relatively new and so far has only been used on a large scale basis in Europe and the United States. Though new and with limited use throughout the world it has proven itself to offer a fairly high degree of success when performed by a patient and experienced psychologist.

If you are looking for a hair pulling treatment remember it is important that you discuss the condition either with your doctor or a psychologist. The first step to finding a trichotillomania treatment is to admit the problem exists. This can be difficult but if you take the first step your psychologist can recommend a good treatment to help you overcome this hair pulling disorder.

Discover how you can join over 132,533 ex-sufferers who have already ended their years of OCD related conditions permanently (including trichotillomania, pulling hair disorder, anxiety & phobias) and had completely stop pulling hair. This method had been medically & psychologist endorsed (recommended by the NHS in the UK).

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