Trichotillomania Cure – Impossibility?

Some researchers have been looking for a trichotillomania cure; unfortunately there is currently no cure for the hair pulling disorder known as trichotillomania. Some who suffer from this condition may lose heart at this fact. The good news is that there are some very effective treatments for this hair pulling disease. If you pull your hair out or have seen your child pulling hair out it, there are a few hair pulling treatments which you should look into.

The most common type of treatment is Cognitive Behavioral therapy. This is not a trichotillomania cure, however, is can effectively deal with the symptoms if you are willing to put the effort into this treatment. Most scientists actually consider this the closest there currently is to a trichotillomania cure. This treatment involves frequent visits by the effected person to a therapist, who will help them in identifying the situations which will trigger hair pulling out.  They then will work to find other methods of dealing with these situations which are not self destructive. Despite the fact that this method is the closest option available to a trichotillomania cure, many people do not like the fact that it involves frequent visits to a therapist which takes time out of their day.

Certain drugs have been used for the treatment of trichotillomania. Unfortunately, not only do these not function as a trichotillomania cure, they can at times be totally ineffective as even a treatment for this hair pulling habit.

- In some small samples certain drugs such as Fluoxetine or Prozac and Sertraline or Zoloft have proven some degree of affect. This affect is largely inconsistent however. The general belief is that in the rare circumstances where depression or chronic depression, are the actual cause of this hair pulling habit, these drugs can offer relief. Under most circumstances the condition is believed to be a type of nervous habit. For these situations antidepressants not only offer little or no relief, but can in certain circumstances actually increase the instances of hair pulling out.

- One drug which has shown a greater degree of success is Clomipramine. Although some studies show it effectively treats the disease, it is still not a trichotillomania cure.

Even though there is no trichotillomania cure, you should take heart in the knowledge that treatment methods do exist. The effects of each type of treatment depend on the person so it is best when considering your treatment options you consult an expert who can effectively diagnose the cause of your hair pulling habit and decide on the best treatment available. Eventually, a trichotillomania cure may be available but until then treat it and you can live a normal life.

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