Trichotillomania Roots from Deep-Seated Anxieties

Hair pulling disorder is an impulsive tendency of some people when they are under extreme stress or huge feelings of anxiety. This hair-pulling disorder is called trichotillomania (TTM) or trich for short.

A person who is suffering from trichotillomania will start to pull hair when he/she feels depressed, stressed out or when something just doesn’t feel right. The symptoms of trichotillomania is hair loss due to pulling of hair off the scalp, eyelashes, brows, armpits, or pubic area. Usually the fingers are the culprits but there are some who use tweezers for hair pulling.

You can suspect hair-pulling disorder if the person has bald patches or over plucked hair. Trichotillomania is also referred to as compulsive hair pulling disorder. It is considered as a kind of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which roots from the built-up tension inside oneself. This tension makes a person automatically react by pulling hair. The act of pulling hair is not painful but rather gives a feeling of relief.

The act of hair pulling can be done either consciously or unconsciously. It is an addiction such that the person is experiencing pleasure in the activity that makes the person want to do it even more.

Besides pulling hair from oneself, a person with hair pulling disorder may also pull from other people close by or pets. There are also instances when the person will chew on the hair leading to ingestion. When enough hair has been accumulated in the intestines, there will be problems that will require major surgery.

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